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Flutes Sold:

This wonderful warm sounding 1965 Powell flute has just been overhauled. It is solid silver body and keys, B foot and open hole. They don't make them like this anymore. $3495  [SOLD]

This Yamaha Allegro 371 flute, open hole, offset G, B foot, gold plated lip plate is in perfect shape. Just had its COA and is ready to go. Price is $1150.00  [SOLD]

This Zentner Piccolo is amazing; it has a wonderful wooden quality low and sings all the way to the top. Just had its COA and is ready to go. $2,000.00 — [SOLD]

This Yamaha model 365 open hole, B foot, offset G, silver head joint flute had a brand new set of pads. Yamaha had always been known for their quality and this flute is no exception. $1100.00 — [SOLD]

This Jupiter Bass Flute has just had a complete pad job and for the money one of the best out there. It is very easy to play and for the money a great buy. $2300.00 — [SOLD]

This Weismann piccolo has had one owner who almost never played it. Purchased in 2001, it comes with 2 head joints, one made out of Cocobolo. It is mechanically in great shape and the cost is $2,850.00 — [SOLD]

This is a 1991 solid silver Karl Christian Lederer flute made in Austria. This company has since been bought by Hammig. A very sweet sounding flute with new Straubinger pads, offset G, split E, low Eb roller, and C foot. $4,495.00 — [SOLD]

Flute - Haynes Deveau model 1983 - This is a 1983 Deveau model Haynes flute. Made in the golden years, some think that these were the best flutes Haynes ever made. It is open hole, B foot, gizmo key, inline G, solid silver body and keys. It has just had a COA and so is ready to go. $4995.00 — [SOLD]

This Jupiter DeMeidici flute was played once, then the player had to get braces. So it's brand new with a silver body and head joint, plated keys, gizmo key with the B foot. An intermediate flute and priced to sell at $1395.00 — [SOLD].

I have a handmade Jack Moore flute, from the former designer of the Armstrong Heritage. It has a solid silver body and keys, B foot, offset G, gizmo key, and new Straubinger pads. $5500.00 — [SOLD]

This Powell Sonare 601 has a solid silver Powell head joint made here in Boston, the silver body is made in Taiwan. It is brand new with a B Foot, gizmo key, offset G and a Split E. $1850.00 — [SOLD]

1924 closed hole Haynes Flute w/ gold lipplate and C# trill key — [SOLD]

Armstrong Eb Flute— [SOLD]

Sandy Drelinger wood head joint. This will take the edge off your sound for baroque and cuban music. $1200.00— [SOLD]

This is a 1939 Haynes flute, solid silver body and keys, closed hole, soldered tone holes, C# trill key. They don't make them this sweet anymore, the concept of sound no longer exists. $4000.00 — [SOLD]

A restored 1951 Haynes Flute with a new Northwind case, has a wonderful sweet chamber music sound, $3,200.00

— [SOLD]

Restored Gemeinhardt 5SS flute, closed hole, C foot, w/silver body and keys, $1095.00 — [SOLD]

This Yamaha 674 flute has just had its COA. It is solid silver body head joint and keys, C foot, split E, offset G, a beautiful sound selling for $3,195.00 — [SOLD]

Just overhauled, this is a Prima Sankyo Artist flute with a Tom Green headjoint. With a solid silver body and keys, inline G, and B Foot this flute has a very full warm sound. $4000.00 — [SOLD]

Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo $2000.00 — [SOLD]

Jupiter DeMedici flute with silver body and headjoint, B foot, french arms, offset G, $1,300.00 — [SOLD]

Prima Sankyo “Artist” openhole flute, silver body and keys inline G, just overhauled
with Tom Green Headjoint, $4,000.00 — [SOLD]

Muramatsu EX flute, openhole, B foot, inline G, in perfect shape, $3,000.00 — [SOLD]

Haynes Flute, solid silver body and keys, closed hole. Just overhauled, this is a magic flute,
$3000 — [SOLD]

Yamaha Flute Headjoint for sale. $500 — [SOLD]


Pearl Flute Model PF501 w/split E key in excellent shape. $500 — [SOLD]
Image 1 ... Image 2

Gemeinhardt 4SH piccolo. $395 — [SOLD]
Image 1 ... Image 2

Artly Piccolo, $295. — [SOLD]

Used Jupiter 511 student flute, $395.00 — [SOLD]

Yamaha student flute, $425 — [SOLD]
There will be two more Yamaha flutes on their way for $495.00 each.

1920’s German Wood Boehm system closed hole flute with a silver headjoint with a bakalite wingtip embouchure, just overhauled, $2500 — [SOLD]

This Prima Sankyo model 401 Artist flute is solid silver body and keys, open hole, B foot w/ gizmo key, wingtip embouchure, stunning handmade case, $4,000.00 — [SOLD]

K&K Flute Condensor microphone, $125.00 — [SOLD]

Used Selmer Signet student flute, $295.00 — [SOLD]

Yamaha 221 student flute, $425 — [SOLD]

Haynes Flute, solid silver body and keys, closed hole. Just overhauled, this is a magic flute,
$3000 — [SOLD]

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Saxophones Sold:

This 1948 Super Balanced Selmer Alto Saxophone has just been overhauled with Resotech resonators, new pads, corks, keys fit, you name it. The body is in beautiful shape and comes with a solid Selmer case. Intonation? Wow! $6,995.00 [SOLD]

This Selmer Signet Alto Saxophone hasn’t got a scratch. It has just had it's COA and is the intermediate horn perfect for a student. $925.00 [SOLD]

Yamaha makes some of the best student instruments and this Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS-23 is no exception. It looks and plays new, and comes with a solid case, mouthpiece and neckstrap. $750.00 [SOLD]

This “Big B” Beuscher Baritone Saxophone, made in 1950 has just had its mechanical overhaul with new pads and corks. I have kept the original snap-on resonators. It has that big Harry Carney sound on the bottom, fine intonation, nice case. The body is in great shape though the lacquer is discolored, you would be to at the age of 67. It does not have a low A like most baritones of this vintage. A great horn for the price of $2500.00 [SOLD]

This wonderful Buescher Big B tenor saxophone, made in 1948, has a big sound and is a professional horn. It comes with the original case, neckstrap, and Meyer #7m mouthpiece. If you can’t afford that VI Selmer then this is the horn for you. $2,100.00 [SOLD]

This is a wonderful Yanagisawa Soprano sax that just had its COA and is ready to go. The key setup is like the Mark VI. Has a very sweet sound and intonation is excellent. The price is $1,500.00 [SOLD]

This truly is a collector's horn, a 1902 Conn Bb Soprano Saxophone with new pads, springs, nice case, $2,400 [SOLD]

This Yamaha 875 Soprano sax is a closet horn. It has a beautiful warm sound, superb intonation and is ready to go. $4,000.00 [SOLD]

This 1949 “Big B” Buescher Tenor sax has an incredible sound. Just had its annual COA and is ready to go. $2,500.00 [SOLD]

Horns like this don't come around too often. Made in 1973, this VI Selmer Tenor Saxophone is in fine shape, it just had its tuneup and is ready to go. It has that big Selmer sound, new neck cork, and the original hardshell case. These saxophones are getting harder and harder to find and their value never goes down. $4,995.00 [SOLD]

This 1985 Selmer Series 80 Super Action Soprano sax is one of the best ever built. It has the modern palm keys, ease of action and great intonation, It just had its COA and is ready to go. $3,500 [SOLD]

Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS-23 - Yamaha makes some of the best student model instruments in the world. This one has just had its check, oil and adjust (COA) and is a great beginners saxophone. $695.00 — [SOLD]

This is a 1961 Martin “Indiana” Tenor Saxophone just overhauled and great to play over the summer. Just think, you can sing from the highest mountain or the lowest valley for only $995.00 — [SOLD]

This 1934 Conn “Lady in the Bell” Alto saxophone is in great shape, new pads, rolled tone holes, silver matte finish with gold in the bell. $2,500.00 — [SOLD]

This Mark VII Selmer Alto Saxophone has just had its COA and is ready to go. It has that big alto sound that Selmer is known for. $2500 — [SOLD]

This Conn 10m Tenor Sax from 1940 with silver plated keys, rolled tone holes and original lacquer has just been completely restored, new pads with resotech resonators, new corks and comes with the original case. $2500 — [SOLD]

Relaquered 1949 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Sax, good pads and comes with a Yamaha Neck and
comes with a Van Doren T111 mouthpiece, $1000.00 — [SOLD]

This Yamaha YTS-52 Tenor Sax is in perfect shape. Great to either start on or advance to the next level (yes grasshopper you can do it) Comes with the Yamaha case, 4C mouthpiece and neckstrap. $1395.00 — [SOLD]

This Julius Keilworth EX90 Tenor Saxophone is priced to sell at $995. A big sound, for another $100 you can get a Brilhardt Levelair mouthpiece that matches the horn really well. — [SOLD]

Just like new. A Big Bell Stone Cannonball Tenor Saxophone with 2 necks. $1495.00 — [SOLD]

This is a newer Buescher Soprano Saxophone in excellent shape. $695.00 — [SOLD]

King Soprano Saxophone King Soprano Saxophone
King Soprano Saxophone King Soprano Saxophone

This is a King Soprano Saxophone made in 1927. It has new pads and springs, goes to high Eb and is a wonderful little horn. $2500 — [SOLD]

1958 late model Conn Lady on the Bell. It's in ok shape and will need another case soon.
$1195 — [SOLD]

Yamaha YAS-23 Alto sax. $600 — [SOLD]

Selmer Alto Sax, Gold plated dating from 1931. $4000 — [SOLD]

Yanagasawa 992 Bronze tenor sax like new $3500. — [SOLD]

1922 Martin Soprano Sax with new pads, new springs, new case. $2000 — [SOLD]

A great horn, a 1931 Selmer Cigar Cutter Alto Saxophone completely restored, $2800 — [SOLD]

1951 Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone
, body in perfect shape, $1395 — [SOLD]

Yamaha YAS-23 Saxophone, $750 — [SOLD]

Yamaha Alto Sax YAS-52 intermediate model, $1495 — [SOLD]

1923 Conn Alto Saxophone, $775.00 — [SOLD]

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Clarinets Sold:

This Selmer Centertone Clarinet, made in 1951 has been raised from the dead. I fixed the broken tenon on the bottom, the crack on the bell and someone else did the bands you see on the top joint. With the overhaul just completed this clarinet has one of the biggest sounds I’ve ever heard, Warm and round, you have to come in and check this out. $1250.00 [SOLD]

This wonderful completely restored Bb Buffet R13 Clarinet was made in 1995 and has brand new Valentino top of the line pads and corks. If taken care this clarinet will last you the rest of your life. $2295.00 [SOLD]

This set of R13 Buffet A and Bb clarinets is not a matched set. The A clarinet was made in 1976 and the Bb in 1958. Both have been completely restored with new synthetic pads. The A Clarinet is $2850.00 and the Bb is $1995.00 [SOLD]

This Buffet clarinet has survived. Made in 1935, I have completely restored it, from oiling the body for 2 weeks to all new pads and corks. I wish I knew the story, how did it make it through WWII, I'm sure it would have tales to tell. It has an articulated G# and is ready to sing again. $1995.00 — [SOLD]

This Evette Shaeffer Master Model wood clarinet has been completed restored with new pads and corks. This is a fine intermediate clarinet. $1050.00 — [SOLD]

This Buffet Bb/A leather clarinet case is in perfect condition and is just the thing for your instruments. $375 — [SOLD]

This Normandy Bass Clarinet is a good place to start if you have any desire at all for a bass clarinet. Just had a COA from the repair shop and ready to go. $800.00 — [SOLD]

This is completely restored Selmer Sterling Wood A Clarinet. It comes with the double clarinet case seen here and has an amazingly full and rich sound. $2,000.00 — [SOLD]

This wood Selmer Bass Clarinet from the 1970's is a real player. It just had a COA (Clean-Oil-Adjust) from the repair shop and is ready to go. $4000.00 — [SOLD]

This completely restored Buffet Clarinet from 1946 is a gem. It comes with a brand new case and can be yours for $1595.00 — [SOLD]

Selmer Centertone Clarinet, completely restored, articulated C# key, low Eb key, left-hand G# pinky key, late 1950s. $1200. — [SOLD]

This Selmer USA 1400 clarinet is in perfect shape and is $275. — [SOLD]
It comes with everything you need to get going in band.


Noblet Clarinet, this a good intermediate wood instrument. $595   [SOLD]

Noblet wood “Super 40” intermediate model. $725   [SOLD]

New Eb Sopranino Clarinet made for Fog City Woodwinds. $395   [SOLD]

Buffet E-11 Intermediate Wood Clarinet, in excellent shape. $450 — [SOLD]

Buffet Clarinet #85,xxx has a beautiful sound, will need pad work in a year. $1100 — [SOLD]

Image 1 ... Image 2

Selmer Bundy clarinet, $295 — [SOLD]

Buffet S-1 clarinet (a large .589" bore R13) — [SOLD]

Yamaha student clarinet, $295 — [SOLD]

Bundy bass clarinet, $995.00 — [SOLD]

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Oboes Sold:

This is beautiful Selmer 101 full conservatory system oboe with new pads and case at 1/2 the price of a new one, $1395 — [SOLD]

Lorre oboe with new pads and case. $1300 — [SOLD]

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Trumpets Sold:

Yamaha YTR2320 trumpet, like new. $425 — [SOLD]

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